The World Perfume Hotel

The World Perfume Hotel is a …… Suite Hotel.  Immediately adjacent to the World Perfume Museum, the hotel is not only a concept integrating a spectacular perfume cultural theme (as added value to its hospitality) but it is also the 1st Hotel featuring the New Luxury brand.

The entire Hotel Complex will be a totally New Luxury Experience, redefining luxury hospitality, well-being and luxury shopping that will attract millions of visitors, guests and shoppers from all parts of the world. 

The perfume bottle shape is both an important flagship symbol and an iconic building that will stay forever in the collective memory of everyone experiencing it.


The World Perfume Hotel – Riyadh will be the beginning point of the journey for Les Routes du Parfum, a tourism destination on the trail of perfume.


An important element of the design of the World Perfume Hotel involves Creezy Courtoy’s perfume-related collection that was created to educate and show to the World that perfume is an important part of our World Heritage.  This beautiful collection, which will be housed in the adjacent World Perfume Museum, has one objective to integrate the collection and Les Routes du Parfum into the design of the hotel, giving it a soul and using perfume as a consistent theme for hotel, spas, restaurants.

For instance, there will be 12 different suite theme designs that allow the guests 12 different New Luxury Experiences based on Les Routes du Parfum taking them to 12 different parts of the world. Themes will include Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, Babylonian, Maharajanani Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Victorian, Napoleonic, Parisian, and Tsarist Russian. (order following historic periods)


The Spa Les Routes du Parfum, will be offering wellbeing experiences from these 12 regions, and the Restaurant Les Routes du Parfum will gather and serve cuisines from all these countries.

This Routes du Parfum Concept will invite guests to come back over and over again to try additional cultural experiences from the remaining regions.


A Healing Garden, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 coffee shops,  a fathom diving lake and the garden access to the World of Creezy and New Luxury District will enchanted guests. 


Adding the New Luxury Code to the hotel project will give guests and visitors a totally new approach not just through bringing sustainability, a green environmental focus, and energy efficiency to the hotel, but demonstrating that doing business the New Luxury way will be better for everyone involved while being more profitable as well. This New Luxury way of doing business will also include employee training in having respect for guests – treating them as they deserve to be treated and encouraging guests and visitors to appreciate their stay and take some of our hospitality back with them, increasing the likelihood that they will tell their friends and families about their experiences and come back again and again.


The World Perfume Hotel will be created and designed to become a global destination and a « Must See » and an experiential environment for the international guest / regional / local community at large.

The World Perfume Hotel will be designed and built complying with the highest Leeds Platinum Standards while incorporating unsurpassed energy protocols and efficient operating principals and sustainable ethics and management.


Heaven’s fragrance Experience