Autur City Gardens

Flower Fields, Heritage, Museums and Hospitality

Each country has its own perfume heritage and its own culture.

For each of them it is important to preserve not only their rituals but also the World Flower Heritage and allow them to continue to use flowers as they were doing during these past centuries.

We want to show the beauty and beneficial power of nature and create a new cultural tourism incentive inviting travelers to discover secrets of the world perfume heritage itinerary, vestiges, Museums, hospitality and flower fields that will give them the desire to visit each of these wonderful worlds full of perfumes, flowers and colorful lives. 

Museums will also show that education can become an exciting experience and an entertainment. It will show spectacular archeological and historic art pieces and educate the public about the history of perfume and mankind through the ages.

Spas and culinary experiences will also be added to make these discoveries an exceptional travel experience. 


Secrets of Flowers and Perfume Revealed! 

Adding flower fields or garden with flowers and medicinal plants is not a difficult task to be part of our program with interesting and exciting incentives.

We have created specific programs to attract and engage travelers.  

Ex: Incentives :  Week-end or 5 days 

  • invite guests to come participate to the harvesting
  • Invite guests for an “enfleurage” workshop: allowing guests to learn the old technique of enfleurage.
  • Invite guests for a perfumery workshop: allowing guests to learn how to make a perfume
  • Invite guests for a medicinal plants workshop allowing them to learn which wild garden plants to use and how.
  • Invite guests for a perfume tour in the region

Heaven’s fragrance Experience