Autur City will have residential apartments with high specifications integrating perfume and flower heritages as a thematic added value.
in terms of spaces and details carefully studied to provide the utmost comfort and luxury to its residents, it will offer a totally new experience in the concept of home, security, entertainment and wellness and will demonstrate to the world that a residential community can be created and managed with greater respect for everyone and everything involved.

This new residential complex will be a total New Luxury Experience, redefining residential, well-being in an environment where families can live in security and find nearly everything they need inside of the complex. The Residential Complex will have a special concierge service available around the clock, housekeeping, room service…
Owners may grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in their vertical gardens, they can cook, learn cooking or schedule a chef from our international “Les Routes du Parfum Cooking School”. Residents can have their children playing and learning at “Bloom” while working at their offices in the same building or relaxing at the “Sundary Bliss” Wellness Experience, spa and swimming pool. On Sunday they can all meet in the gardens for a jazz brunch or enjoy special entertainment.

“Life can only be beautiful if we make it that way, follow me”
Creezy Courtoy

We want our community to enjoy life the way we do, as we all deserve it. If you agree with us, join us.

Heaven’s fragrance Experience