About Autur City

Autur City is a unique project that offers a new perspective on luxurious living at the highest standard, with elegance at its best.

The Autur City project is distinguished by its luxurious design, accentuated with new and striking touches, to be one of the most luxurious real estate projects in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Perfumes are considered one of the most important and luxurious products.  Autur City project embodies this luxury in its various departments from the inside and outside. Greater attention is given to the smallest details, making it an important and distinctive project in the city of Riyadh.

Autur City is truly a garden that shines with its splendor and brilliance.

Autur City compliments the architectural and economic prestige of Riyadh, giving another level of comfortable living and modern, luxurious lifestyles.

Autur City is designed to take advantage of the latest environmentally friendly sustainable technologies, such as solar energy, harnessing the light and heat of the Sun to produce electricity.

Mission and Vision

Giving visitors a total new experience of luxury and well being and showing to the world that we can do business differently, with more respect for consumers, more respect for the Earth, the Water and the Environment. We want to become the leader in hospitality and retail. Our first priority is consumer satisfaction.  Once satisfied, consumers will come back to stay with us again and buy more and more.

“Did you ever imagine that one day you would live in the heart of blooming flowers?
What if the scent of your favourite perfume opens up a paradise for you to live in.
Embraces you… enchants you…taking you to a different world.
Have you ever tried to revive the scent of the past in it’s full authenticity..as it stays in your heart as memories?
It is possible.”

Autur City


• 5 stars luxury hotel in the shape of an iconic perfume bottle.

• A shopping centre, comprised of the world’s most expensive perfumes.

• A historical shopping centre that maintains the soul and historical traditions.

• Private luxury villas

• Apartments with impressive features

• A hotel with classy amenities

• Parks filled with flowers and plants that are used in perfume production.

• Inside, you can find luxurious restaurant and coffee shops.

• A research centre and institution under the supervision of the most talented specialists to teach how to compose, produce and trade fragrances.

• Museums that showcase the story of perfume and its ancient history.

“From here on now
As the skies embrace the flowers
Where nature meets innovation, and perfumes are born.

To give you an experience you will never forget”

Autur City

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia