Shopping Centre

The project includes a shopping mall, where visitors and residents can enjoy shopping for the most famous international brands, fashions, and perfumes.
The shopping center in Autur City also contains a historical market that embodies the spirit and heritage of perfumes and its secrets. Oud, incense, musk, amber and other ancient and heritage perfumes are featured.

We want to give consumers the real New Luxury Experience and full satisfaction. Our objective is to have them buy and come back many time to discover products they will not find somewhere else.
Each customer entering in the shopping centre should live an exceptional experience and express the need and desire of purchasing to keep a souvenir and the beautiful memory of their stay with us. We want to feel that way and the products show in display in our shopping centre will definitely carry this vibration and make you feel that way.

“Come and Stay with us and keep a bit of us with you”
People may or may not change at first but they will come back to remember the experience and compare it with others.
They will also share their excitement with their friends and family who will become new customers.

Heaven’s fragrance Experience