Perfume tower

The Perfume Tower features a huge perfume bottle flanked by two towers: one is the hotel and one is the residential. More than just a sustainable building, this perfume bottle shape complex is an important flagship and this iconic building will stay forever in the collective memory. It will be the first thing people will see in arriving to Riyadh.

The Perfume Tower is planned to become one of the most important icons in Riyadh, a tall tower designed in the form of a giant perfume bottle 330 meters high. The tower houses a five-star hotel featuring standard suites, a few royal suites, as well as upscale restaurants and cafes.
Luxurious apartments with standard specifications, equipped with high-level facilities.
The business center, equipped to receive high-ranking dignitaries, and includes a lecture hall.
The panoramic restaurant with a wonderful design is the first of its kind, serving several international cuisines.
A high ceiling café at the top of the tower, overlooking the entire city
Green areas with indoor gardens, a diving lake and a helipad.

The architectural design of the perfume tower reflects the spirit of perfumery and its deeply-rooted Arabian history. The complex has two main buildings, each in the form of an antique perfume bottle with a luxurious design, with a bridge between them allowing visitors to walk from one tower to the other.
The first building is shorter and in the shape of an antique perfume bottle, housing the cultural parts of the project such as the museum, library and institute.

The second building is designed to be one of the tallest towers in Riyadh, overlooking the entire city. It is in the shape of a perfume bottle between two towers. A diving lake is a highlight of this part. Inside, you will find fragrant indoor gardens, where the first tower will reach a height of 330 meters, with luxurious apartments. The second tower will include a 5-star hotel and hanging gardens irrigated by an artificial rain system and solar controlled. The gardens add beauty and magnificence to the tower. Riyadh will host the first international museum of perfumes to dazzle the world with this integrated project.

Heaven’s fragrance Experience